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THE Sirius Black Fan Club

Immeritus: THE Sirius Black Fan Club
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Awarded JK Rowling's first ever Fan Site Award.
If you are from Immeritus, put it in your interests, that way, when you click on it,
we'll all be able to find each other easily.

This is the livejournal homebase for Immeritus. We will be cross-posting community events, contests, and challenges that will be posted on our homepage, to make it easier for you to access.

Please note: This is a closed community, which means that only staff will be accepted into it and will have posting access. If you apply to the community, you will be rejected, and it is nothing personal. You are welcome to post comments on entries that have that enabled. If you want to watch this community, simply friend it like all your buddies.

If you have no idea what Immeritus is, why not check out our site first? We have awesome community forums with intelligent discussion, beautiful Sirius fanart, chat, and lots more.

So, who's who?

loreliah - Loreliah, aka Hermi, is the dear Club President.
magicalobizuth - MagicalObizuth, aka Mag, is the Club Vice President and Head Admin on the site.
aoife_ife - Aoife, or Ife, is the doomtastic Spork Weilder. She helps manage the floods of applicants and yet still maintains her insanity. She recently got promoted to officer status and has lived up to that position beautifully.

accio_padfoot - Accio Padfoot, aka Accio, is the craft queen when she isn't excitedly modding or curating our gallery.
moonanddogstar - Moonanddogstar, aka Moon, is our resident slasher and fanfic guru. She knows the ins and outs of the massive world of fanfic.
penster - Pen is our personal English professor and is equally gifted in fic management as she is in redirecting the lost souls of Immeritus.
treeling_75 - Treeling 75, or Tree, is our witty kick-butt mod who can spot a spammer a mile away, and knows exactly how to put it in its place and make everyone laugh at the same time.
canutius - Canutius, or Canute, is our Swiss-American, and your honor student is but a mere pawn in her great dane's diabolical world domination plot.
rockin16 - Hero, our Teen Queen, is fabulous with the graphics and avatars, and keeps her forums in shape (when not grounded!).

Check out our current challenges. Clicking on each banner will take you to the appropriate forum at Immeritus.

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We are proud afilliates of sirius_news.

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