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Summer Craft Swap!

It's that time of year again! Info and sign ups over here!


Season's Greetings!

The Holiday Swap sign-ups are officially OPEN! Get yourself to The Burrow to join in the fun! Please note, sign-ups will be open for a much shorter period of time this year due to our late start, so don't procrastinate! Click over to The Burrow now!


Immy Holiday Swaps -- UPDATE!

We're on! Look for sign up posts to be up by the end of this week! Thanks to everyone who voted and to all the lovely souls who've volunteered to organize and run the swaps!


Immy Holiday Swaps

The fate of the Immy holiday swaps is in your hands! See this post to cast your ballot and let your voice be heard. The poll will close Monday, November 1!


Uh oh.

We are aware that Immeritus is down. There was a billing error and it is now rectified and waiting in a queue. It will unfortunately be a few hours before the account is no longer locked up, might be about 6.

Sorry for the trouble!

If you craft anything (with anything! Fiberists, scrapbookers, sewers, woodworkers, painters, etc) or are a writer or artist (digital or traditional!) you're welcome to join in this swap!

We've had some craft swaps of the past, and I'm happy to announce that this time around, we're including the writers, poets and artists as well as a digital swap!

For full swap details and to join, go to Dora's swap post. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Breaking News!

Lockheart's Love Letters is still open! Soli and Plynn have extended the sign-up deadline til January 25! So click on over for some Valentine's fun! Did I mention there's a virtual option if the holidays took your cash? :O


Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! To celebrate, Plynn78 and Solitaire have brought back one of our favorite swaps: Lockheart's Love Letters! Click on over for more info, and to sign up for real or virtual valentines!


Christmas Pressies?

Still looking for Christmas pressies and don't know what to get? Some of the items that didn't sell at the craft fair will be going up for sale in the Burrow Bazaar! So, get over there, check it out and get your shopping done!

Remember, the prices are higher than usual because we are looking to make a little money and KEEP IMMY GOING!

An Owl from Mrs. Weasley!!

Dear SPEW Members,

I've been so pleased to see your knitting and crocheting progress these past few years. In fact, I have asked your moderators to take my Burrow Bazaar on the road next month to a local craft fair! The fair will take place on Friday, 4 December near Pen's home. I should very much like the proceeds from your creations to be used to support your wonderful community, Immeritus. A finer tribute to my friend, Sirius, I have never seen. I've tried to donate funds to your site, but somehow galleons, knuts, and sickles don't seem to convert into Muggle money.

If you have small items you would like to sell, do let Pen and Canute know. Things like hats, scarves, gloves or mitts, gift bags or gadget cozies never go amiss at the holidays. Pen will need to receive your items by Monday, 30 November. This will give her time to catalog your items and prepare them for display. Do let the ladies know how much you'd like your items to fetch, and if you'd like some compensation for your work. They will need to know if you can contribute anything by Sunday, 15 November at the very latest. I plan on sending some things myself, though my children tell me Muggles wouldn't appreciate a Weasley jumper. That I cannot believe.

I look forward to seeing your contributions!

Kind regards,
Molly Weasley